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The smell of sweat as a sexual stimulant – A myth or a scientific fact?


Scientists, physiologists and sexologists claim that there is nothing hotter for a woman than the smell of some components in the man’s sweat, especially if they’re in love. The scientists used one of the most well-known pheromone or aphrodisiacs – the Spanish Fly aphrodisiac – which is known for helping men attract women, and for improving your libido.

The scientists also found that women who feel the smell of sweat have faster heartbeat and get a lot more aroused. This is, in their opinion, the first direct evidence that the smell of body secretions affect hormones of the opposite sex, and it was found to significantly improve the mood of women, making them ready for love games. Researchers at the …

What happens in your body during sex


Researchers at the Queens University in Kingston revealed that, although heterosexual women claimed they’re aroused by men only, measuring physiological signs of arousal (eg. blood flow to the vagina) indicates otherwise. Most women were aroused after all sexual stimuli, seeing both male and female naked bodies, heterosexual and homosexual intercourse, and even while watching documentaries about rabbits. In short: women can be aroused in a lot more situations than men, probably because women are less sensitive to sweat and weird odors during intercourse.

The mind and vagina

Research with the help of magnetic resonance imaging was conducted at the Rutgers University and showed that different parts of the brain are activated in response to stimulation of the vagina, cervix, the …

Test – Are you a nympho?


How often do you think about sex during the day and find yourself fantasizing? Classic sex positions and foreplay don’t satisfy you? You really like to watch porn and you’re doing it all the time? You’d rather buy a vibrator than a new pair of shoes? Is there a possibility you might be a nympho? Seriously now, nymphomania is a psychological problem that can severely burden a person’s life, although other people very often can’t understand this, so the word “nympho” is used as a popular praise for woman who likes to get naughty. On the other hand, high sex drive doesn’t automatically mean that you’re a nymphomaniac, but check out these “symptoms” just in case.


Sex occupies your

Foods for Better Sex – Eat well and make love even better


Healthy diet is as important for your mind and body, as it is for your sexual performance. These are some of the foods that are known to have positive effects on sexual desire and ability since the ancient times.

Seafood for men

If you want to increase the chances that your erotic evening succeeds, choose seafood or shells in particular. They’re full of zinc, a mineral that increases the production of testosterone, which is associated with men’s sex drive.


Blueberries improve circulation and because of it reproductive organs become more productive. They also contain dopamine – a neurotransmitter which stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain.


Licking strawberries with whipped cream after a meal sounds like a nice …

When two is not enough – How threesome works for some people


A threesome has always been seen as something perverse, but in recent years it has become something quite common, perhaps even standard in the UK. Journalist and writer Diana Appleyard spoke with two women and a man from Cardiff who regularly enjoy threesome, and who revealed some intimate details.

Zoolander Threesome – funny!

How it began

Kashia Wilkinson (28) is single, lives alone near Cardiff and works as a receptionist at a casino. “I started practicing threesome a year and a half ago with Layla and Dan, and we enjoy it so much that we’re even going on holiday together this summer. We’re having sex once or twice a month and we’re always looking forward to it. Layla and Dan …